Too often, women’s voices aren’t heard – especially on the issues that matter to them. To create more opportunities for women to speak and provide a platform for honest conversation, Bernini is proud to present… The Squadcast.

The Squadcast is a video content series created by Bernini and hosted by the legend herself, Penny Lebyane. As each episode explores the aspects of life that impact women, our phenomenal guests shine a light on their unique struggles – how they have overcome these challenges and at times, how they have failed. It’s all about having the conversations and finding ways for us to move forward together! The Squadcast is a space where women can find strength and support in a network of women connected across SA, and where they can go to find inspiration to succeed in the workplace and in their personal lives.

In our latest instalment of episodes, Penny Lebyane is joined by Nomndeni Mdakhi, Melody Molale, Roxy Burger, Lalla Hirayama, Sne Mbatha and Dr Tshidi Gule to talk about issues ranging from Women’s Rights right on through to social media.

Find Bernini Presents: The Squadcast on Youtube or on the Bernini socials, and let’s get talking!